Michael Kamp, "Europa" (2000). All rights reserved
All rights reserved

I want to start my blog with a photography very special for me, not only for its personal vinculation but its quality as Work of Art.

This photo belongs to the series of photography to promote the Arcana Europa meeting, an event directed by Alberto Monreal and me in 2000. This event was granted by European Union through the Youth for Europe Program and it was the first multirateral project of this program, with collaboration from eight associations all over Europe. It took place in Tarancón and the Roman Theatre of Segobriga in Spain in 2000.

The idea behind the project was our idea of Europe, a continent that must watch its past, its traditions, its cultures to recognize who are their members. This is necessary if we want to create a common future. I think it´s a very romantic idea, close to the national Romanticism of 19th Century, but this time shared for all the countries that conform Europe.

This idea is completely captured by the promotional image of the Arcana Europa meeting took by Michael Kamp. The protagonist is a mature and beautiful woman with classical dressing, blue dress and black cloak, She is Europa personified. She looks at the sky, it´s like She is looking to the future, though She is an image from the past. The past is enhanced by the environment: around her there are columns and one statue, parts of the ancient Roman Theatre of Segóbriga.

But this is not a revival photo, it’s a modern one. It was taken with a Hasselblad camera in 6mm format with fish-eye filter and with crossing to emphasize the colors. Te filter distorts the surrondings creating a kind of bubble, where we can see the past or the future. The image is like a crystall ball read by a witch.

The crossing is a development technique who emphasizes the saturation of the colors of the photography. In this case it creates a deep an intense blue composition where plays the dress and the sky with pale color of the archeological figures and the face of Europe.

This Europa is far from the Mythological legend of Ovidio, and far also from Herodoto’s tale. As I mentioned before it’s a modern Europe, but an Europe that looks to the past to build a future.

I think this Europa it´s a very powerful image, plenty of meaning and really really beauty.


One thought on ““Europa”, a photography by Michael Kamp

  1. Let me start by saying excellent blog. Im unsure if it has been talked about, however when using Explorer I can never get the entire webpage to load without refreshing many times. Maybe just my modem. Appreciate your work

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