Sir Obi Wan Kenobi © Eric Poulton (2006)

I´m fascinated with the idea of re-thinking our present and future changing the gas by the steam or the digital technology by the analogical, and the style remaining victorian. This aesthetic idea underlies the Steampunk movement.

Just to locate this movement, we must look to the Cyberpunk scene in USA in the eighties, where appeared stories related with Charles Dikens, HG Wells and Jules Verne that drew a different present/future with the steam and engines related as modern machines. Since then there have been reinterpreted a lot of gadgets, a lot of stories, a lot of characters. Also the Sci-fi films has been revisited by this movement and Star Wars is one of them.

I want to talk in this post about one of these artists, Eric Poulton, Star Wars steampunker. He has designed a collection of seven images with the most well-known characters of this series. As me, he prefers the old trilogy of the saga, and draws some of their protagonists. So, our character today is Sir Obi Wan Kenobi.

Just to start, the title “Sir” denotes the victorian look of Kenobi, in conexion with it, he appears dressed in 19th century mood, as an English Lord. But Kenobi is, most of all, a Master, and this is the point I want to remark when I talk about him. I think Star Wars has given ethical and moral values to an entire generation, further than the stablished religions. Their protagonists have teached us many values. In this way, Obi Wan Kenobi teached me what means to be a Master.

Master comes from the latin word “Magister”, who is in the higher level of the society, opposite to “Minister”, who is in the lowest level, to serve and help the others. So, though these meanings have changed nowadays, the Masters are the people I admire more. So, Obi Wan Kenobi is the supreme Master (with the permission of Yoda). Kenobi is an Elder too, because of it, his long white beard and the look directed to the infinite. He represents the knowledge, the equilibrium, the light, the strenght and, most of all, the right side of the Force.

I do like this interpretation of Obi Wan Kenobi by Eric Poulton. Also the black and white (used in all the series), enhances this reinterpretation of the characters in the steampunk point of view.

There will be time for discuss about the Dark side of the Force, cause Lord Vader is another character of Eric Poulton’s Steampunk Star Wars. Soon in this blog.

If you are not patient, you can visit the Eric Poulton’s gallery at:

May the Force be with you.


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