Androgyn from "Aurora Consurgens" (15th century). All rights reserved.
I had always considered myself a romantic. My long youth was supported in myths and ideals. One of them was the Androgyn myth of Plato’s Symposium. This myth talks about double beings that tried to enter in Olympus. Zeus was angry for this intrusion and threw a ray that divided these beings in two different parts and they were separated. So, each women has a perfect man who is the other half. One important question is that, for Plato, the Androgyn could be formed not only by a female and a male, but two males or two females. This idea suports homosexuality from the Greek age. But unfortunately this idea didn´t stand.

The myth survived in Middle Ages just because the Neo-Platonism that was the philosophy of ancient Greece more similar to christian ideas. One of the Church Fathers, Saint Thomas of Aquino,  was involved in the Plato’s philosophy. There is an Alchemy treatise called Aurora Consurgens from 15th century many times related with Thomas, but it´s not probable this relationship. Due to Trento Council this book was censored in his first part cause it used Biblical metaphors that were no permitted in non theological texts. The image presented in this blog comes from this treatise.

The image represents the moment in which the two halves, female and male, have found themselves and are involved in the process of unifying. This miracle is just because of the South Wind, as mention the texts of Aurora Consurgens. The South Wind is represented by this big and blue eagle that helps the halves to be the one.

The image is full of symbols: the Androgyn is over a hill of blue birds (maybe ravens), and both halves have animals in one hand: a bat and a rabbit. I thing they could be somekind of alchemist  ingredients for a potion needed to unite themselves. Furthermore, they could symbolise the triumph of the Androgyn over the rest of animal species.

The composition, the colours, make this image one of the most beautiful Androgyn representation. Just for my youth ideals, nowadays I keep on enjoying this fantastic myths. Maybe the myth is not a truth but I have realised that there is always someone that complements you, not so perfectly as Androgyn halves, but very approximately. So, if you are alone and looks for somebody, be patient, there is always one person very close to your half Androgyn.

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