©Pablo Genovés. "Das Gericht". (2008-2009). All rights reserved.

To take a ride around ARCO 2010 was bored stiff. I think I am very far from the contemporary Art market. ARCO is a trade fair which quality is decaying year by year. The Art for wealthy buyers seems to be very poor day by day. I am fortunately fond of underground Art where no doubt there are much more quality and prices of the artworks are more accessible for non rich collectors.

I think the question is that contemporary Art is banal, don´t speaks about transcendental questions, it is, as our society, plenty of materialism. I found no questions, no answers when I watch all these artifacts considered Art.

Fortunately, in this ride you always find one, two or three interesting artists in between a lot of garbage. Katinka Lampe, Desiree Dolron, Zoé Byland are some of the interesting names I found in this ARCO edition. But, no doubt, the most interesting artist was Pablo Genovés from Madrid, who presented several photographs of the series “Precipitados” from 2008 and 2009. The image of this post belongs to it and it´s called Das Gericht (The Judgment).

The image is a photo-composition mixing wild natural catastrophes and Classic Architecture. Genovés drives you to an apocalyptic world where the works of Art has suffered natural catastrophes. It´s a resemblance with buildings that have collapsed or are going to, as San Marcos Cathedral in Venice. I remember to visit San Marcos on a gangway over the inundated floor with the feeling of being fortunate to view that architecture that soon could collapse.

Das Gericht combines Architecture and Sculpture with a landscape of ice desert. The place is the interior of a Library with a classical column and a vault where are three statues. Really there is only an statue duplicated and mirrored. It is chosen by its stance: the hands, arms and head positions denotes fear and cold, just because the legs are under the frozen surface.

It´s a Neoclassiccal composition but placed nowadays, when natural catastrophes destroy many monuments as the recent earthquake in L’Aquila, Italy. It´s a metaphor about the real value of Art, how we must preserved the most important treasures of humanity. Excellent work.


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