Alonso Urbanos. "Mundo Cripta". (2008). All rights reserved.

Alonso Urbanos is a young Spanish designer, DJ and musician, who sometimes creates infographies to art exhibitions. He belongs to underground scene: in music he plays noise in bands like Scumearth and his designs are mainly artworks for music bands in electronic, experimental, noise and metal styles. He also designs posters, flyers and T-shirts.

Today I want to talk about one of his works of art called Mundo Cripta (Crypt World), that has been used in the design of the artwork of the last album of the band Vrademargk. It was presented for the first time in the collective exhibition of the ESP Weekend in Madrid in 2008 together with its couple La Década Obscura, another infography of the same dimensions  taken from the design of the book of the same title that talks about the born of Post-Punk music in the 80’s.

Mundo Cripta is an allegory of the world we live today: we all are dead people because our ideals and vaules are dead. It´s a look at the real world from the underground perspective. The colors used in the composition are ocher and black, just like the color of the oxidized iron. As suggest his vertical format, the image shows what is under and over the ground. Over we can find a big cemetery with a lot of crosses and tombs located in a place where are many abandoned and unfinished buildings. It´s the metaphor of an isolated place where has happened a catastrophe. It´s the land of death, just like described Mariano José de Larra in one of his short stories: all the people are in fact living dead. I think this is the idea that underlies in the Alonso’s composition.

It´s just time to look to the underground. There exists an strange monster showing its back (we can distinguish its spine, ribs and arms that hold up the surface world). But who is this monster? In a Romantic way it could be the Greek god Atlas, who sustains the world over his shoulders. In a Christian perspective, the monster could be Satan or the Antichrist, which lives at Inferno, just below the city of dead. But knowing Alonso Urbanos the monster must be the spirit of materialism, of decadence, a kind of monster who sucks our vital essence to dominate the world.

Right or wrong in my interpretation of this image, there is, no doubt, an artistic intention to reflect about our world, an allegory of life and death, of what is happening in our world in 21st century. Enjoy the image.

Visit Alonso Urbanos portfolio at:


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