Serge Birault. "Fuchsia". (2010). All rights reserved.
Just watching for the first time this image called Fuchsia I immediately thought in the classical symbolist painting Pornokrates by Félicien Rops in 1878. This painting, close to other masterpieces as the sculpture Lamia by Sir George Frampton in 1898, stablished the basis of sadomasochism aesthetics that developed in 20th century.

Pornokrates shows a blind woman dressed only with mittens, silk pantys, black hat and blue ribbon. She is being driven by a pig that means the sexual passion and walks over a floor where are represented the Arts. This is an iconic painting that tries to represent the femme fatale, the woman who sucks the blood of men, a vampyre.

Félicien Joseph Victor Rops. "Pornokrates". (1878). All rights reserved.
If we look at the Serge Birault photoshop design we found many common elements but viewed in a contemporary look. As I read in the comments about this image, the author talks about japan influences, concretely Hajime Sorayama, but doesn´t talk about Rops at all. I think this is due to our visual culture has assimilated the Rops painting inside the SM aesthetics. There we can find the pig and the fatale woman but this time she is not driven by the pig, on the contrary she is the guide because she has a stick with a hanged apple, a bait to drive the pig.

The female is no doubt a contemporary femme fatale (inspired by the model Maria Gibson aka Fuchsia). Her ungry face, her dresses and her position over the pig talks about it. Concretely the black boots and corset and the red dress are made of vynil, which connects the female directly with fetishism. Also her big breasts talks about dominion, an element that comes from manga.

The pig is also an important character, that seems to be made by silver or another precious metal. In its leg there is a love heart drawn and it is dressed with a pink sweater with the initial “F” of Fuchsia, its owner. These elements could refer the pig has fallen in love with the dominatrix and belongs to her. It could be representing an allegory of men, subordinated to this powerful woman.
Something that surprises me is the technique of the artist who has used only Photoshop to design this image. He dominates the volumes and brights, the textures and the spaces. This ability appears also in some other infographies of this talented illustrator. You can watch more images from the author in the following address:


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