I have taken a ride through deviantart.com and I have found several images of the singer Alison Goldfrapp. It´s nice to see how there are fans of this fantastic singer that have reflected in images their personal view of the frontman of Goldfrapp. I have selected three of them that catch the three  stages of the band.
Belldandies. "Goldfrapp". (2007). All rights reserved.
The author of the first image is Belldandies. It´s a digital illustration of 2005. The mood of the illustration remembers me the stage of Felt Mountain. This album was the debut of Alison and Will Gregory in 2000 under Mute label. For me, this album is a masterpiece and the best of the whole albums of Goldfrapp. The style of this album is pure decadence with a cinematographic aura. This decadentism is very well captured in the image of Belldandies: Allison is dressed in black with a male jacket and a black hat, with a red rose, in a crossing between the female pose and a male wearing. The cinematographic look comes from an aesthetics that remembers me the black and white cinema icons as Rita Hayworth in Gilda. I mean that there is a strong component of feminity  but contrasting with the male wear. Alison is shown here as a sort of femme fatale dressing like a man.
Spaceache. "Strict Machine". (2004). All rights reserved.
The second image was made by Spaceache in 2004 and refers clearly to the second stage of the band, in the second and third releases Blak Cherry (2003) and Supernature (2005). There the band moved to a more electronic music, with some hits for dancefloor. In my opinion was a mistake to change the style of their first stage, anyway I continued enjoying their music. The title of the image is Strictmachine, the name of one of the hits taken from Black Cherry. The image is a photocomposition that draws a half of a female face, with the hair as a kind of metal. There are also scissors opened that are going to cut the eye. This element is an evident similitude with the famous image taken from Buñuel’s Un chien andalou, where a knife cuts the eye of a woman. This reference to surrealism could connect with the essence of the music, but I think the similitude is very far. Only the metalic elements could refer to the strict machine of the song. Anyway the composition is interesting but pretentious.
Trevw82. "Goldfrapp". (2008). All rights reserved.
The last image is again an illustration made by Trevw82 and is taken from a large series of illustrations that reflects the passion that Trev feel for Goldfrapp. There are two kinds of images, some of them draws Alison in the nature, in idyllic poses, and some others represents Alison on stage under the colour lights. I have selected one of the first that reflects the style of Seventh Tree (2008), where the musical style turns to folk. In that way I think these images reflect perfectly the third stage of the band. The image is a traditional illustration with influences from Manga and from Art Nouveau. In the image Alison is represented sat on the grass with a circus dress and the hat laying on the green, she looks like a fairy. It´s a very romantic interpretation corresponding with the smell of Seventh Tree.

This year the last Goldfrapp CD has been released, Head First, that moves again to their electronic way. I haven´t heard the album yet, so I cannot talk more about this new step of the band. It´s possible that I find soon some new images of Alison that reflect this new stage. If so, you will have news in heresy and beauty.

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