Anthony Geoffroy. "LOST. Jack". (2004). All rights reserved.

I´m writing this post just before six chapters for the end of the TV series LOST. Just a few to the whole connection will be revealed. I´m in a culminating point that surely will stay for six weeks on.
You should question why I talk about LOST in an Art-based blog, and the answer is why I consider LOST as a masterpiece, maybe the first TV series that you could consider a whole work of Art. We apply the calification of Art to many manifestations, even more in Contemporary Art, to installations, performances, ready-mades… Why not to consider a TV series as a work of Art?

I think LOST is like a long collection of films, assembled as a puzzle, in which each piece has an important meaning, there are no chapters left, all of them are necessary. The island is the main character, but you cannot know what it really is if you don´t know each human and supranatural beings that stay there because their souls have something in common with the island. Flashbacks and flashforwards, time jumps, parallel realities, mythology, evil, love, are the main elements that help the characters to write a perfect fantastic story.

I really have not a theory about the end of LOST, even more I don´t want to think about it, I want to be surprised by the so incredible script, written to surprise you week by week when you watch each LOST chapter.

So, as my task in this blog is to talk about artifacts, this time I´m going to refer to the work of Anthony Geoffroy. He is a designer and illustrator, and he got success with caricatures of cinema and TV characters such as Batman, Frodo, Dr. House, Horatius, etc. So, It´s not strange he has chosen two of the main characters of LOST to remake them as caricatures: Jack Shepard and John Locke.

One important thing in the caricatures of Geoffroy are the backgrounds, whose color and texture put the characters into context. This time the background for Locke and Jack are the same: green with light reflects, that means they are in the jungle that is green and wet.

Geoffroy’s caricatures are focused in the characters’ face, he deforms the features with strange angles, breaking the proportions of the several parts of the head, always providing a nice gesture to the character. In the case of Jack, his face is a rhombus, the lower part is the chin, and the upper one contains all the rest of the face: hair, eyes, nose, and the mouth, partially open, is just in the middle. Geoffroy captures the essence of the character: a good man, whose task is to help the others and because of it he is one of the leaders of the island.

Anthony Geoffroy. "LOST. Locke". (2008). All rights reserved.
Anthony Geoffroy. "LOST. Locke". (2008). All rights reserved.

Concerning John Locke, the caricature was made in 2008, so Geoffroy surely didn´t know the black fume is now incarnated in the body of John Locke. So, we must think in Locke as the brave man he once was. This time the head is more proportioned but with a long mouth dividing the face in 2/3. There is a scar crossing the forehead and the right eye: this is a sign of fighting, which reflects Locke’s hard life and that he is a brave man who fights to survive in an unfair world. Locke finds in the island the right place to live his life as he deserves.

Let´s hope Geoffroy keeps on drawing this so nice caricatures, and maybe some of them from LOST too.

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