Nicomi Nix Turner. "The Little Birds Lied". All rights reserved.

Nicomi Nix Turner is an artist active in California. Her vision of the World is related to Nature, because of that he has studied plants and animals to take inspiration from them. She is interested also by Alchemy and very linked to its symbolism. About religion, she is close to Paganism and counter-religion beliefs. I feel near to all those elements and this means I feel very close with her Art.

As I do with the images I don´t know its meaning, I try to analyze their elements. In a first stage we find a female head that seems a maiden. There are three little birds around her and a red flower in her hair. She has a necklace and a gag that falls silent her voice. The main color of the illustration is white and ocher with several red motifs.

The little birds and the face of the maiden could tell us about a connection between femininity and Nature, a connection with the female side of the Earth. But there are elements that contradicts this first approximation. First, the gag is an element of punishment: she cannot talk because somebody stops it. And second, the red color, symbol of the blood. This color appears around the eyes of the maiden and the birds. Also the flower in her head is red. Banning and blood, these are the two messages behind the purity of the main elements. Everything that looks beauty turns into somekind of frustration.

This image remembers me the tale The Nightingale and the Rose by Oscar Wilde, an association between the red of the blood of the nightingale -one of the birds has red feathers- and the red color of the rose that is created with its blood. The girl that cannot talk is the girl of the tale that refuses the present of the red rose, she prefers jewels than gifts that comes from the soul. Obviously, there is no direct relation between the tale and the illustration, but it´s possible that in a first stage Nicomi Nix Turner could have taken inspiration from this tale.

Another possible interpretation is that the image is an allegory of femininity, a woman inside the Nature but raped -she cannot talk- and red, related with the menstrual fluid. This could mean the traditional subjugation of the women in the predominant patriarchy in Occident. Maybe this second interpretation is nearer the main idea of the painter in a first degree.

You can learn more about Nicomi Nix Turner in this link.


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