Today I want to visit the illustrations of Jess Ravel Iglehart, born American (Denver, CO) but very influenced by the British smell. His Art talent comes from his mother, the painter Elizabeth Iglehart.

I must say he has several influences as he declares: Wiener Werkstatte, Art Nouveau, silent film, Disneyland, victorian window displays and japanese ghost stories, but I want to point that British characters and cities are also a big influence for his Art, as I´m going to try to show in this post.

There is a series of images located in cities of Great Britain, such as London or Edimbourg. He combines photos of the urban landscape and there insert his characters.

Ravel Iglehart. "Edimbourg". All rights rserved.

This image, called Edimbourg, reflects an underground girl located in a crescent. This is one of my favourite of his works. She is dressed in black, with brown t-shirt and smoking. I have found this image with another title: Punk nouveau, that could reflect the meaning of the image. The point is the girl wears his jacket showing a shoulder and her belt comes undone. She really doesn´t look just as a punk (different hair dress and hair color, no studs) but her general aspect with this so called nouveau style combined could mean the contrast between these two labels.

Ravel Iglehart. "Black Frame". All rights reserved.

I think this punk nouveau attribute can be applied to several images, as Black Frame, where an elegant girl is located in an art nouveau frame.

Ravel Iglehart. "Black hat Lady". All rights reserved.

Also nouveau is the Black hat Lady. Elegance an assymetry in a bust that really could come from 19th century mood but located in a landscape with an industrial smokestack.

Ravel Iglehart. "Siouxsie Sioux". All rights reserved.

Underground music appears also in his illustrations, and it appeares in two female portraits: Siouxsie Sioux and Alison Goldfrapp. In Siouxsie we found the Queen of British punk and Gothic Rock. And again the geometry of the portrait and the secondary elements remembers echoes of Mackintosh Art Nouveau style. She is, no doubt, one of my favourite caricatures.

Ravel Iglehart. "Goldfrapp". All rights reserved.

About Alison Goldfrapp portrait we must say that belongs to a different style, there are more surrealistic elements than nouveau ones. This seem to represent another current in his Art.

If you want to keep on enjoying the Art of Jess Ravel Iglehart click here.


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