This morning (6.30 AM in Madrid) I woke up to watch the final chapter of LOST, and since it has definitely finished I cannot stop of thinking about it. I have just the chance of comment the wonderful LOST Tarot Cards created by Alex Griendling as a tribute to the best TV series of 21th century.

Alex Griendling. "The Enigma". All rights reserved.

The fact of design Tarot Cards connect directly with the mystic and magic world that is the island, true protagonist of the series. Though the scriptwriters tried to give it an explanation through electromagnetism, this is not enough to understand the black fume, the statue of Taweret, the eternal youth of Ricardus, the numbers, the unpregnancy, etc. So, the island is the Mistery itself and this affects directly to all characters. So, the title for this card is The Enigma, and is represented very fortunately by a compass rose.

Alex Griendling. "The Doctor". All rights reserved.

The Doctor is the title for the card dedicated to Jack Shepard. His symbol is a cross made by pills and medicines. Maybe this cross could represent the main attribute of Jack: the faith. Because of it he returned to the island, he knew he had a mission to solve in his return.

Alex Griendling. "The Believer". All rights reserved.

John Locke is The Believer, and his symbol is an Egyptian cross and a knife inside of it. Faith and fight, this could be the slogan for this main character. The monster chooses his shape because he was a leader when he was alive, and he wanted a powerful man to reincarnate.

Alex Griendling. "The Grifter". All rights reserved.

I think James Ford is much more than The Grifter. The card represents a case plenty of dollards, but the island reveals that James is a very good person, quite individualistic, but finally he fights to save all his friends. He is also an example of good fighter.

Alex Griendling. "The Fugitive". All rights reserved.

Kate Austen is again represented by  her past, The Fugitive. He killed her father by his cruelty to her mother, it was a vengeance. The island again shows her good qualities. I’ve been impressed when, at the end of the last chapter she declares her love to Jack. A very emotive scene that we all wanted to happen before, not when Jack is going to separate from her definitely. We cannot forget another question: she finally killed the monster, it makes she to be a heroine.

Alex Griendling. "The Millionaire". All rights reserved.

4 8 15 16 23 42. The numbers to pulse in Dharma station to stop the electromagnetism every 108 minutes. These numbers made Hugo to be The Millonaire playing the lottery. But all this money didn´t give happiness to Hugo. The big Hugo is, no doubt, the kindhearted person in the island, he never fights or kills to anybody. He deserves to be the number one in the island after Jacob and Jack. He broke the ancient rules of the island and the future of his friends changed.

Alex Griendling. "The Devoted". All rights reserved.

Sun and Jin, they compose one of the dramas of the series. They are The Devoted. They are married but suffer incomprehension and doubts along the series. They are going to be separated in time and space. They finally meet again but their happiness is ephemeral. They die sunk in the submarine. They are represented as two hands that cannot touch each other, with the compromise rings in the middle of the palms. It reflects their fate of living fall apart.

Alex Griendling. "The Soldier". All rights reserved.

To finish  this post, another great character, Sayid Jarrah, The Soldier. He comes from Iraq and was a member of the Royal Guard. He was obligued to do tortures to the prisoners.  He wants to forget his past but it´s impossible, he has to be cruel and practice the torture sometimes along the series. This is sad because his soul is kind but his circumstances are always terrific. He is represented by pliers and a tooth, maybe a very cruel way to represent a brave man that never doubts to help his companions.

It’s sad to say the saga has finished, because a lot of questions are still alive. What happened with the survivors when they leave the island in the plane? In what time and space all the characters meet in a church? Maybe these sequences that look flashforwards are showing the protagonist living in the Limbo waiting to go to Heaven close to their beloved? There will be no answer, we just to imagine our own end. Anyway to enjoy LOST it´s enough price for us.

I appreciate so much the work of Alex Griendling in LOST Tarot Cards, maybe we should play with them to find our own answers. If you want to see the complete Tarot Card Set of LOST, just click here.


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