Cristiano Siqueira. "Oil Planet". Allrights reserved.

Cristiano Siqueira is a brilliant artist from Brasil. His creative fields are illustration, graphic design and advertising. Today I’m going to analyze his work called Oil Planet. The title clearly evidences its ecologic intention, as we will see. The technique for this image is digital illustration.

The main elements of the image are two: a strong man down on his knees supporting a sphere on his shoulders that represents planet Earth -we can distinguish the continents drown on it-. The disposition of these elements quickly drives us to an archetype: the Greek God Atlas who carries the World upon his shoulders. Atlas was the chief of the Titans, who fought with the Olympic Gods. They lose and Zeus condemned Atlas to carry the weight of the skies. Though Atlas was very powerful the weight was so big that moans suffering carrying it.

All the composition is colored in black, in direct reference to the oil, mentioned in the title. The Earth is black because is fully contaminated by oil. This is a reference of our current world where oil controls everything though it provoques a high level of contamination all over the World. In the top of the sphere, where are placed North America and Europe, a black fume is emanating: the Occidental World is the guilty.

This ecologist aspect is emphasized by the figure of Atlas: he wears a gas mask, necessary to survive the contamination. This element can be connected with cyberpunk and industrial subculture, where the use of gas mask is an aesthetic and protest element.

The image by Siqueira is a brilliant allegory: to use a classical iconography -Atlas- to show a contemporary criticism -the global contamination-. An excellent combination.

If you want to see more Art from Siqueira click here.


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