This blog is an space for talking about Art. The Art viewed from a kaleidoscope in which you can find classical and contemporary Art, visiting the ancient muses and also the modern muses. I will take this space to reivindicate hidden Works of Art, many of them not considered in the Art market, taken from underground subcultures, banned in its age or modern items that belongs to side ways of Art as videoclip or comic. All the Art you are going to find here oscilates always between two concepts: Heresy and Beauty.


I cannot designate myself as Atheist. I think I´m a believer, because I have faith, but an strange kind of faith. I once called myself “orphan of Religion” and this can define more or less my position about this question. I was born in Madrid in the early seventies, the last years of dictatorship Franco, so my childhood and adolescence took place in the Transición, in a climate of freedom and democracy. Spain is a mainly catholic country, because of that I have received a catholic education. In the kindergarten the nuns teach me very well what the Sin means, a bad experience that linked me directly with the meaning of evil. Even though the whole period of the school was in a secular center, where I started to love to learn, I acquire my policy and sense of respect and democracy, and I understood that the figure of the Teacher was for me the maximum respectable social charge. It was due to the wonderful teachers from whom I received my education. I want to mention one of them: Juan Castrillo, Religion teacher, who inspired to me much more about discussion and debate. He exhorted to the pupils to bring news to the class, to read them and to discuse about topics as divorce, abortion, death penalty… It was very formative to me. It was more an Ethic class than Religion one. In the school I enjoyed Philosophy and Latin but I was a very advanced student in Sciences: Physics, Mathemathcs, Chemistry and Technical Drawing. Because of it I deceide to study a technical carreer in the University: Industrial Engeneering.

In the University appeared for the first time my questions about the Religion. I studied in a Jesuit University where two obligatory subjects were Teology an Social Christian Thought. Here I studied the life of Christ, the Gospels, the Pope letters and the actions of the Christian Churches in social context. All of these matters made me reflect about the meaning of the Catholic Church and I said to myself:

I have just learnt in what I don´t have to believe

Just in that moment I started to hear what I like to call Dark Music, a series of underground music styles, such as Cold Wave, After Punk, Gothic Rock, Industrial, Electrodark… Music that explores the dark side of human nature. Many people can consider this music as a mood, linked with vampyres or zombies, but really you can find deep and intellectual topics in this underground world. I discovered the Gothic novel, the Decadent and Symbolist poetry, Modernism… And related with Religion, I found Esoteric movements, Occultism, Heterodox Christian churches and Pagan Religions. Since that moment I have questioned myself about beliefs and I have felt attracted to these ways of believing.


The first time I remember I was impressed by a work of Art was in the school. My teacher of Art History, Milagros de la Ossa, organised a trip to Burgos for all my class. This kind of trips was always very funny, a day far from home to hang out with your companions, but this time was different. I remember I entered the Burgos Cathedral (one of the most important cathedrals of Gothic period in Spain) and I felt very impressed when I entered to that space and I saw the extremely high colums, the arcs, and the incredible glass stain windows and rose windows. There I payed attention to all the explanations of my teacher. It was extremely impressing for me.

As I mentioned before, I studied Industrial Engineering. This let me get a very good job but in the process of maturing I realised that what I really loved more was Art.

The connection with artistic ways of creation came from Music. As I mentioned before I was fond of Dark Music and in 1995 I started to codirect the underground music magazine Maldoror. This was the open door to my development in the Artistic way, cause there I started to write about music. I must say that it was not easy to me to start to write about music, much more for one who is specialised in Science and Technology. I have to say that Maldoror was my school of writing that would be later my gate to study later my second University carreer: Art History, some years after Maldoror finished.

I have to mention that there were other interesting music styles linked to the Underground Dark scene not so dark, I´m referring to Medieval, Neoclassical, Neofolk, Ethereal or Heavenly Voices styles. All of them can be defined by their escapism, a way to wander far from the real world and travel to romantic middle ages, to fairy lands, to magic worlds, to paradises. This kind of music was very suggestive for me and I can say I´m an expert in all of them. You maybe have heard about Dead Can Dance or Cocteau Twins, they were the starting point of the movement, but I´ll talk about many other bands that explores this magical soundscapes.

It´s curious that I discovered some painting styles in the artwork of the albums: Pre-Raphaelism, Symbolism, Romanticism, that impressed me very much and this was one of the main reasons by what I later studied Art History.

So, Maldoror finished in 2001 and I started studyng Art History in 2003. It was very formative for me cause I find so beautiful works of Art from the pre-historic caves to the Second Avant-gardes of 20th Century. I discovered Beauty in its pure form: the whole world of Beauty opened to me. Then I realised that Art History is my real vocation. Because of that I´m now preparing my PhD thesis in Art History.

More about this blog

I want to put in common the little knowledge I have about not wellknown works of Art, and also I will talk about the sources I use, from internet and, most of all, from books and investigation journals. I think this can be very useful for anyone who was to increase his knowledge in this matter.

I don´t speak english very well, but I think the english is the key language nowadays. I hope to write this blog helps me to improve my english. Don´t hesitate to tell me about language mistakes.

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