Times of change

Dear readers,

I have to announce that I have changed my blog to the site: http://www.herejiaybelleza.com

But there is not only a change of place but a change of language and a little bit of concepts. I don’t speak English very well and sometimes it’s hard for me to translate my ideas, my feelings, my appreciations. It’s just because of this the reason why I change my blog.

I’m sorry for the non Spanish readers that cannot understand my language but, I must say that I’ll keep on posting interesting and not wellknown images that probably be interesting for you. I hope you understand my reasons, you’ll be welcome there as well.

So, 2011 is a time for changes to me. Enjoy the new age.


Pedro Ortega


Heresy and Beauty are the leit motiv of my spirit.

In this blog I want to share my interests to whoever can be related with them, to show and to receive, to keep on opening my world and let others open their too…